Monday, March 15, 2010

Hotfile's lack of effort to fight the illegal

One thing is for certain.

If Hotfile uses the approach that Megaupload uses, automatically removing the content, they wouldn't get any customer to sell their service too.

Does that make what they are doing right?


What Hotfile doing is no different that laboring kids to earn a bit more money.

You know there is a reason why for their operations they choose a country, where the laws mean nothing as long as you have the money.

I am actually wondering their relationship to the money laundry businesses in the region they operate...
And I hope the US Government and other Governments too. It would be worth investigating, their actions and their connections.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Never forget that Hotfile is a gathering point for the pedophiles.

Hotfile pays as little attention as possible to the take down requests for child pornography related content, since their response may take weeks. Which means, the files can stay that long on Hotfile servers, without the company taking any action, and instead gently giving the opportunity for the uploader of such file to remove the content upon their own will.

To me, the only reasonable explanation for that is, Hotfile, unofficially supports the distribution of illegal content at that level, as long as such content brings customers and money to them!

For that reason, if you do not wish to support the distribution of such content, try your best to avoid the Hotfile service.

Do not ever let Hotfile earn money by allowing them promote intentionally or unintentionally such content in their servers.

My advice, if you do not have a choice regarding accessing to a content, you can always get it from another and a more respectable service, a service that at least pay attention to every details before making a move.

Again, if you do not wish to promote illegal activities, as illegal as child pornography, stay away from Hotfile...

Saturday, March 13, 2010

If you have received an email like that from Hotfile:

We are writing this letter to inform you that your account premium status was removed due to detected suspicious activities, including but not limited to:

- Multiple IP downloads
- Sharing premium account information

All mentioned activities are in violation of our Terms and Conditions.

Immediately contact with your payment agency, Paypal, bank, and file a complaint with them. Then, file a complaint with IC3.

Believe me, at some point, they will be troubled.

Hotfile Paypal relationship

The main reason for Hotfile to gain customers is their use of Paypal.

Currently Paypal is not trying to intervene, as they also earn money from the fraudulent activities, they have been informed.

Still, I encourage anyone and everyone who has been deceived by Hotfile, and bought their accounts from Paypal, to make an official claim at Paypal.

Hotfile is suspending accounts that do not bring them any money. For instance, they may decide to suspend your account if you download more than 30GBs within a day. Yes, that is a fact. Don't believe in the garbage they say about unlimited downloads. You can download until they check how much you downloaded, and they decide to immediately cancel your account.

Secondly, Hotfile logs your every activity, your IP addresses, your personal information, and they share those information with third parties regularly.

You heard it correctly!

Hotfile keeps a detailed log of every member ever since the beginning of your membership (showing all the information related to the files you have downloaded and uploaded, the IP addresses you have used, etc.) and regularly share them with third-parties. And be informed that Hotfile never deletes the log file they keep for their members and also for people who access their file. Compared to the amount of files stored on their servers, such amount of information is nothing to them.

As you may know more than 99% of the files stored in Hotfile are illegal content, regardless of where you live. Know that, if it comes to the worse for them, to save their own asses, is surely give all of your information to the requesting parties.

In short, Hotfile does not follow a specific policy to suspend the accounts. They just suspend. As a result they sit on the money without providing any kind of service in return. That is one way they are using extensively, to make money.

In any case, open a dispute, file a complaint at Paypal. Or if you paid with your credit card, do the same with them. If, for Paypal, despite receiving many claims, it does not do anything to stop's fraudulent activities, they will be the responsible party in the court. And they will be the ones facing trouble of being a part of's fraudulent activities. So, do not hesitate to make a claim.

If Paypal decides to take the correct action here, they will put significant restriction on Hotfile, and they may revise their policy to refund the customers for Hotfile's fraudulent activities.

Secondly, contact with IC3, Internet Crime Center. File a complaint with them.

IC3 works with legal authorities, Police and FBI, and even if they cannot directly do anything about Hotfile, if they are performing their illegal activities abroad, they can limit the server access to them in USA, and prevent their access to monetary resources within USA.

Thirdly, if you do not want to lose your money to Hotfile, d on ot support them by downloading their files. You can always use another service, especially ones that at least try to follow the laws as much as they can, unlike Hotfile who escapes the laws and cannot even provide a valid phone number or a valid email address to contact.

Hofile policy

Hotfile is created to encourage the sharing of illegal files.

Hotfile earns money for each customer, and strongly encourages its members to especially share big files, movies, series softwares.

As long as a user brings in customers, Hotfile does not care whether the user is sharing illegal files or not. Even if they are informed they do nothing about it.

To escape the legal troubles they point to different locations, Panama, Ireland etc.

The ISP that Hotfile is using in USA is Lemuria Communications which is in Fort Lauderdale.

If Lemuria Communications is supporting Hotfile, then they are violating the US laws. If that is not the case then Hotfile is using wrongful information to deceive the authorities.